Friday, March 23, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Another pound down!
While one pound may not seem like much, I refer to the above image.  I've taken that off my internal organs.
That's an achievement.
So I rewarded myself with a little treat - a Milky Way dark chocolate bar - which I can completely have if I count it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fill me up buttercup

New obsession - vanilla Chobani yogurt with honey.  So sinful, yet amazingly healthy.  However it's 5 points, and considering I get only 29pts a day it's a bit too "expensive".

According to the scale at work I'm down 9lbs!

Now searching for foods that will fill me up, without costing many points.  And don't say raw vegetables.  I get wicked stomach cramps if I eat more than a small handful.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Limp Salad

Somehow being at work is good place for appetite control.  Perhaps it's the cafeteria food - filling yet completely unappetizing.  And a pre-chopped salad bar helps.  No that's NOT a photo of ours.  Ours is far less appealing and has about 1/3 the choices.

But Lord Have Mercy the minute I get home I want to throw the kids in the car and head for DQ.  Tonight we're grilling chicken and vegetable skewers.  With boiled red potatoes and melon on the side.  Wish I could say I was ending it with an enormous slice of 0 calorie flourless chocolate torte.  Maybe I'll go buy some of those Skinny Cow thingys instead.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dr. Feelgood

Big News - I'm down 8lbs!!

Eight pounds isn't that much compared to my goal, but it's a good start.  I had a wicked cold for one week that killed my appetite.  That helped too.  Anyway, online WeightWatchers is really helping me stay motivated and accountable.  Next week I'm making their Paella-in-the-crock-pot recipe.

Am I hungry?  Mostly no.  But today I could have eaten my way through everything on the menu.  I just wanted to stuff my face into a chocolate layer cake.  I wanted to pop a large batch of popcorn and smother it with melted butter.  I wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies and dunk the entire batch in 2% milk.

But I didn't.  Instead I had a reasonable dinner and a glass of Dr. Pepper 10 over ice.
I'm so proud of myself.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's Get It Started in Here

This is me.  And not even at my fattest.  I could ride that go cart straight to heart disease and diabetes unless I do something.  And for me that something is Weight Watchers.  In Summer of 2007 I lost 20+ lbs on that program.  Then Johnny C's boss closed the company and took off owing us ten's of thousands.  All non-essential spending was gone, and Weight Watchers with it,  Over the next 5 years the stress, the high-carb-cheap-diet, more stress, and comfort eating brought all that poundage back.

Now I'm determined once and for all to get healthy.  And that means losing about 40+ lbs.  I've been on WW for one measly week, and I'm already down 3lbs.  It's a slow slow program, but it helps me stay accountable.  I helps me deal with real world food.  After the first week, my appetite is different and I stop craving fatty sugary carbs.

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