Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fill me up buttercup

New obsession - vanilla Chobani yogurt with honey.  So sinful, yet amazingly healthy.  However it's 5 points, and considering I get only 29pts a day it's a bit too "expensive".

According to the scale at work I'm down 9lbs!

Now searching for foods that will fill me up, without costing many points.  And don't say raw vegetables.  I get wicked stomach cramps if I eat more than a small handful.


  1. I hear ya baby! I eat Fage 0% yogurt - at 3 points, it is not quite as expensive. But save the Chobani for treats; remember you get those extra 49 points a week. Not using them does not guarantee additional weight loss.

    Go Magpie, go!

  2. I'm weirdly frightened to use the weekly points. I always stick right around 29 a day. Tonight we're eating the WW recipe for chicken paella in the crock pot.