Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's Get It Started in Here

This is me.  And not even at my fattest.  I could ride that go cart straight to heart disease and diabetes unless I do something.  And for me that something is Weight Watchers.  In Summer of 2007 I lost 20+ lbs on that program.  Then Johnny C's boss closed the company and took off owing us ten's of thousands.  All non-essential spending was gone, and Weight Watchers with it,  Over the next 5 years the stress, the high-carb-cheap-diet, more stress, and comfort eating brought all that poundage back.

Now I'm determined once and for all to get healthy.  And that means losing about 40+ lbs.  I've been on WW for one measly week, and I'm already down 3lbs.  It's a slow slow program, but it helps me stay accountable.  I helps me deal with real world food.  After the first week, my appetite is different and I stop craving fatty sugary carbs.

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  1. Go Margaret!! 3 lbs in one week is a real accomplishment!

  2. Yep! Three pounds down is a celebration!! Next time we get our group together we could make is a walk around Calhoun or a hike Nerstrand Woods...yeah?

  3. That is a great start and I am so happy for you. WW is a great plan and I am currently on it, although the money is a sacrifice. It seems a worth sacrifice.

    I have lost my way a bit these days, so thanks for inviting me to read this blog, I will support you and maybe it will help me as well.

    Either way, I cheer you on!!!

  4. Hi guys - your words are why I chose YOU to follow me!
    Michael - you are my inspiration!
    Kirsten - YES! Let's walk around the lake, but you two have to remember my legs are about 16 inches long
    Fran - Let's do this together!

  5. Finally catching up on your blog. You go, Margaret! Sounds like you are doing fantastic!