Thursday, April 12, 2012

Put the lime in the coconut

Had a check up today.  Blood work is all fine, even my cholesterol.  However one level is just a bit off, and it COULD be a sign that diabetes in creeping up on me.  One more reason to keep up the weight loss and exercise.  According to the doctor I'd lost 13 pounds since my last visit.  According to the scale at work I've only lost 8.  Go figure.
Stopped for coffee with a friend after work.  This coffee shop carries a coconut cake that is one of my weaknesses.  In a moment of insanity, I bought a piece to go.  Ran into the house with it and made my kids cut away a small portion for me and quickly eat the rest.  Success!!

One reason I saw the doctor was extreme pain in my ankles, feet, and knees.  For the last 2 months I've been power walking most nights for about 45 minutes.  She told me to slow down because I'm getting older and I need to ease into exercise.  I hated that diagnosis.  So tonight I walked slower.  I think she's right.  Grrrrrrr . . . . . 

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